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Our New Bee Family is Looking for Its Name (and Godmother or Godfather :) )

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We are so happy to announce that from this week we become not only producers of beekeeping equipment but also BEEKEEPERS.

It is so exciting that we will have the oportunity to observe and report to you the development of the bee colony in a ceramic beehive in our own Orchard.

Here is the video from their first day in their new home and everyone is welcome to visit them at our production base in Debeletz.

After the bees have been already accomodated, we are proud to announce a CONTEST for the name of their family! This is a great opportunity to give them your family name, to honor someone who deserves or to twist your creativity become their Godfather/ Godmather with a name you think it suits them and make some fame.

How to become the bee's Godmother/Godfather?

  1. Chose the name :)

  2. Find the announcement of the contest in our Facebook page or in Instagram.

  3. Put your proposal for name as a comment on the post and invite your friends to like the FB page or follow the Instagram profile and LIKE your proposal.

  4. The proposal which gets the most likes will win the contest!

We will make an official namig ceremony and will include the name of our bee family in our next promotional materials. :)

YOU HAVE TIME UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER and on 1 OCTOBER we will announce the name of our new bee family.

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