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In 1963 was founded the Institute of Ceramic and Road Machinery Building. Since then it is a center for advanced applied research and analysis of the ceramic properties, components, and enhancers. In 2006 its activities, as well as full documentation and records, were transferred to Inovationtech Ltd. The main scope of the newly established company is to engage passionate specialists, engineers and researchers who study and engineer new applications of the ceramic material. One such is the use of ceramics as construction material in the production of beehives. The motivation behind this is the indisputable advantage of ceramics over classic wood.


The ceramic beehive was the idea of the CEO of the company - engineer Todorka Lepkova MSc. who was able to light up the creative team with the idea to study and test the practical sides of this revolutionary for the beekeeping industry idea. The team working behind it is consisted of young and passionate change-makers - mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, biologists, system engineers, construction engineers, designers, marketing and PR specialists. 

Eyal Pinko.jpg

eng. Eyal Pinko, PhD

Angel Sveshtnikov.jpg

eng. Angel Sveshtnikov, MSc.


Ivelina Marinova

Hristo Neshev.jpg

eng. Hristo Neshev


eng. Bianka Pincheva, MSc.

Emil Krasenov.jpg

eng. Emil Krasenov MSc.

Bees at Work


The bees are the world pollianators and their importance for the ecological balance of our planet is immeasurable. 

Now they are in danger and it is our human responsibility to make our best to provide them with better living conditions so they can continue their mission and share with us their healthy sweet appreciation.


eng. Todorka Lepkova, MSc.

Founder & CEO


Gergana Martinova, MSc.


eng. Ivanka Martinova

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