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The ceramic beehive is an innovative product for the beekeeping industry which is the own development of Inovationtech Ltd. The beehive has a pending patent in the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria with application number 113282/07.12.2020.

The beehive is developed with the idea to provide a more balanced environment for the bee families in terms of temperature and humidity within the hive.

At the same time, it limits the presence and development of mites, viruses, bacteria, and other insects in comparison with the wooden one and favors strengthening of the immune system of the bees making them more resilient to viruses and other diseases.

But one of the most fascinating facts is that beekeepers report up to 

30% increased productivity!

The blue ceramic beehive.jpg


Our dedicated efforts made us bring to you an internationally recognized innovation in the beekeeping industry which got the GOLDEN MEDAL in the category "ECOLOGY" during the  International Technical Fair Plovdiv in 2019.

The same year our work was acknowledged as an invention with importance for the human needs by the Union of the Bulgarian Inventors.


The advantages of the usage of ceramic beehives are based on the better properties of ceramics over wood as a construction material. To assure you, we made a list of the

TOP 10

Better Insulating Properties

# 2

Better Insulating Properties

The ceramic tiles which we produce have more than 60% cavity which means that we assure a good insuation air layer. This solution makes the beehives better places for living as in the summer they keep the temperature inside cooler while in the winter we observe a warmer temperature inside (between 2 to 4 C warmer than the temperature in the wooden hives.

More Hygienetic

# 4

More Hygienetic

The Ceramic beehive is very easy to clean and does not require successive treatment to prevent development of bacterias which live in the wood.

Fire Resistance

# 6

Fire Resistance

It is unfortunate but sometimes happens. In some places where the temperatures are relatively high, it happens to occur fire which can be fatal for the beehives on this field. The Ceramic beehive is fire-resistant and can guarantee no damage of the equipment in case such events take place.

Higher Strength

# 8

Higher Strength

When the clay is baked at a temperature over 900 C, it irreversibly turns into a solid stone-like body which is making the beehive protected from other animals which may show curiosity to the work of the bees on the field.


# 10


With the time the, inside the wood start natural rot processes. Apart from the destruction of its shapes, this is connected to the work of many microbes which are actually performing the process.


# 1


The ceramic hives are perfect for eco and bio farming. In their production are used natural materials which are creating environment close to the natural one (bees used to make their "houses" of clay). Using more ceramic hives would mean less trees cut for the beekeeping industry. #SaveTheForests

High Wear Resistance

# 3

High Wear Resistance

Baked ceramics, if not purposefully damaged can last forever. We all know about the ceramic pots which archeologists find in perfect condidtition after thousands of years passed after their production.

High Frost Durability

# 5

High Frost Durability

For regions where in winter the temperatures go below zero, it is very important for the materials to withstand several freeze-thaw cycles without being destroyed and its strength not decrease seriously when the material absorbs water to saturation.

Higher Weight

# 7

Higher Weight

The higher relative weight of ceramics is what makes the hive slightly heavier in comparison with the wooden and plastic ones. This is especially important for the beekeepers who put the hives in windy geographical places. The heavier structure is also preventing from theft attempts.

Lower Water Absorbtion

# 9

Lower Water Absorbtion

Ceramic has a pore structure but in comparison with Wood it has times less water absorbtion. It is important for the humidity within the hive as well as for the temperature inside as the water changes the thermographic properities of the material.


The broods are produced from ceramics with standard measures so the beekeepers can use all their available boxes. Currently, we produce DADAN BLATT and LANGSTROTH RUTH in versions:

10 and 12 frames.

If there is another standard popular in your country, we can produce according to your needs.

Ceramic hives.jpg

The beehives are produced with love and care to the final touches following the highest production standards. The precision in our work is certified for work according to ISO 9001:2015.


Shaban Likes the Beehive.jpg

Shaban, Kardzhali

I was from the first who believed in the product and I am happy I did so. After I started using it, the productivity of the beehive has increased by 30%.


Georgi, Elin Pelin

I was first skeptic but I love to experiment and this was the best to do. A year later the bee colony was that strong that I could split it into a second breed.

Feedback about the Hive.jpg

Mumun, Haskovo

What we see is that the colony in the ceramic beehive is really strong and showed an extremely low mortality rate during the winter.

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