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Yes, our product is a revolution in the beekeeping industry and there is a way for you to take part in it. 

Here are several ways to do so:



If you are a beekeeper or planning to start your own beekeeping, you can become part of the change, to make your bees happier, healthier and to enjoy the benefits of producing much more bee products that you planned.


Meanwhile, you will help saving several trees which are much more needed for the production of oxygen.


By your purchase, you will also support our activity, as 50% of our profits are reinvested in R&D to advance and improve our customers' experience (we are talking about the bees :) ).


We believe that our product can make impact because of its many advantages and we want it to reach as many places as possible.


You can become a representative, a reseller, or offer your storage to support the logistics in your region. 

It will be great to cooperate and develop our businesses spreading such a good cause.

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In 2013 we established the Foundation Terra Theos Ceramica with the idea to fundraise for different projects which will make the beehive even better.


We are keen to continue the enhancement of the product and take it to labs of leading institutions.


You can take part by either volunteering for the development or by financial support to complete the ongoing projects.

Contact us and check which project may need your contribution.

Your readiness will be acknowledged respectively.

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The new generation of beehives is looking for investors.

For more information

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