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Agra Slovenia, Such an Excitement!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

The Agra Fair is a hub for business and international partnerships attracting more than 120 000 visitors in the city of Gorna Radgonja, Slovenia to see lates innovations from leading brands from 32 countries. Agra gives floor for presentation of lates technologies for production, breeding and processing.

The ceramic beehive was presented at the 57th edition of the fair and managed to collect a lot of interest from international audience.

We are proud that we were of of the three companies presenting innovative Bulgarian products to visitors from Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Germany and many other countries.

The feedback is one of the most important things for product improvement and we are happy that we were able to receive a lot of positive reactions during the days of our exhibition.

The Slovenian "Honey Queen" was also impressed by our innovation.

It was also an important event for networking and creating fruitful partnership relations with other progressive companies from the agricultural sector.

We are looking forward to more opportunities to bring the amazing properties of the ceramic beehive to more countries and passionate beekeepers.

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