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We are thrilled to share that this week we harvested the first honey that we produced in the ceramic beehive.

Yes, after so much good feedback, we decided to run our own production and inhabited two ceramic beehives. They are 10-frame Dadan-Blatt systems and only for 3 months (from May to July) the frames are full of honey.

Our colleague who is taking care of them is a beekeeper with huge experience not only as a hobby but in commercial honey production and he is amazed at how good the production is and how happy and healthy the bees are.

Having our own farm allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to see, check, and observe the ceramic beehives in action.

Feel most welcome to visit us in Debelets (Bulgaria) and see the ceramic beehives.

Let's talk about bees, drink tee and sweeten it with the amazing honey from our ceramic beehives!

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