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A few days ago we told you about our excitement around the EIT Summit 2021 and the Women Innovators competition in which our LEADER Todorka Lepkova took place.

The competition is aiming to reach out and support the best women innovators in 22 EIT RIS countries (i.e. professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs) who play a leading role in developing solutions and initiatives addressing manufacturing-related challenges with strong financial, environmental, or societal impact.

Today we are proud to announce that presenting the CERAMIC BEEHIVES she got THE THIRD PLACE at this inspiring event organized by one of the bodies of the European Union - the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

During her live pitch, she reminded the difficulties that women leaders used to have 30 years ago and emphasized the importance of the progress in manufacturing with more and more opportunities for expanding the growth and innovation led by women today.

"The ceramic beehive is my personal dream and idea but what is different today is that now we are able and free to share dreams so they can grow with no limits!"

All innovations presented at the final were inspiring showing the great potential of the European women to "Empower, Innovate, and Transform".

The first place was awarded to another Bulgarian Female Leader - Angela Ivanova with her innovation developed with the team of LAM'ON. The company has two awesome innovative products – a 100% biodegradable and fully compostable laminating film and a packaging foil, made of corn.

The second place was for Dr. Raquel Verdejo and her amazing work on Akelite - an innovation in the field of material science and composite materials - which is itself an important step for our nature and sustainable green economy.

Actually, all the ladies who took part today and their inventions were winners of the competition!

We encourage you to get to know more also about the other three beautiful innovations presented by the impressive Ivanka Milenkovic with her company which turns "waste to taste"- the ECOFUNGI, the smiley Rabia Engin with the products of KOZAR which uses VR, AR, and AI to bring the labs into a new level and the charming Beata Halassy with her fabulous advancement in virology.

After this session and the rest of the pannels within the EIT-Manufacturing Summit 2021, we are confident more than ever that

Global Manufacturing Innovation is led by Europe!
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