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Pending Patent of the Ceramic Beehive

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We are happy to announce that we reach a new level in our intellectual product development. For several years the ceramic beehives were protected as a utility model which enabled us to test the hives on the market, to improve the construction based on the valuable feedback we got, now we are fully ready to step forward submitting our application for a patent at the Bulgarian Patent Registry under number 113282/07.12.2020.

Why this is important?

The patent enables us to promise our clients that whenever they order a ceramic beehive, it will be the original model, produced under our corporate standards for high quality. As we apply for a patent of the product and the production technology, safeguarding our invention actually provides our clients the assurance that all technological steps and production processes are carried out properly.

Another aspect is that by the patent, we get the opportunity to connect with more producers globally and to strengthen our international partnerships. This will make the ceramic beehives more accessible as under our know-how they can be produced anywhere in the world, reach you faster, cheaper, and stimulate local producers who can now enrich their portfolio with one of the most innovative solutions in the beekeeping industry.

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